Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Foods

There are two types of people out there – the ones who are sure that nothing will ever happen to them (in terms of disasters and other emergency situations) and the ones who get prepared for even the worst scenarios. It is great to have a positive mind flow, but if a disaster really does strike, to which one of those two categories you would like to stick?
A human being has to be prepared as much as he can. Especially, if you have some other people that you are responsible for. While reading different articles and going over a few plots in your head – is a great idea, don’t forget to actually physically prepare something, just in case. Having a storage of food – is a good place to start.
Before we come to the actual list of products, let’s make sure we know a few tricks about food supplies. I won’t be talking about water in this article – its importance goes without saying.
We all know that a person can survive a few weeks without food, but who on Earth would want that? If a disaster really does strike, you would need enough energy for performing a lot of work (physical and mental), so you have to be sure that you have the supplies to provide enough calories for that. It is important to include in your emergency food list the types you are used to having in normal life. That is good not only for your digestive system but also for the psychological state. Al-ways use the rotation method (even in your everyday life). That means that you should first consume the products that will go off faster. Easy, but important.

Ok, now that we have that cleared, let’s pass to the Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Foods.


1) Rice/dried pasta or corn
These foods can last many years if stored well. Even a small amount will provide you with enough carbs. Moreover, it is the kind of food you are used to.

2) Canned food (like soup and vegetables)
These can last for about a year. Make sure you have a can opener and some way to heat these foods up (if you don’t – even the cold version will do in an emergency). Never consume food from a can, if the can was swollen! Canned food is not only the cheapest kind of emergency preparedness food you can get, but it can also provide you with fluid, in case you have run out of the water.

3) Instant cereals
You won’t be able to eat them with milk, but the cereals usually have enough good elements that you will desperately be needing

Instant Cereal
4) Dried fruit

You will be needing vitamins and some microelements. Dried fruit last for about 6 months.

5) Instant coffee, tea, cocoa
Only in case, you have water and a thing to make the water hot. But never underestimate the importance of consuming something hot.

Just remember to follow basic sanitary rules, such as keeping your hands clean and not eating expired food, and I guarantee that with a vast supply of these foods you will not only survive, but also be able to function well.