What Should Be On Your Survival Kit List

In a wilderness situation you need your survival kit list to be as good as it can be. Having the must need things will make your life so much easier in such situation. The survival kits won’t make you comfortable but it will keep you alive. Survival meaning being alive no matter what the situation. So when preparing your survival kit list you need to know what you should include what not. There’s no point making your backpack heavy with the things you don’t actually need.

Survival Knife:


You should always keep a knife with you no matter what. You can use it in so many ways. There is a better chance of survival when you have a knife. You should buy the fixed blade knives. They are more durable and reliable than folding knives in the market. Folding blade knives are mostly for backup purpose but with fixed blade knives you can cut large objects and put more pressure when cutting. Other than this knife can be used for cutting ropes, opening packages, as a defensive tool if you are being attacked, fire starter and more. You should always clean your knife after every time you use it. In survival situation when you don’t have much to use for cleaning you can use your pant to clean the sides of the knife just by rubbing gently.

Survival Watch:

Survival Watch

Rope is very useful in any surviving situation. You can make hammocks with this, traps, get yourself out of ponds, cross the river, and give support when climbing. But carrying rope is a bit heavier. So nowadays there are some watches which called survival watches and have a lot of features. The watch is waterproof, luminous function at night, have para cord which is basically the bracelet you can disassemble it and use as rope with maximum resistance is about 485lbs, fire starter kit, Compass, Emergency Whistle rescuer, small blade and thermometer. So this is a all in one watch which should be in your list.

Filtered Water Bottle:

Survival Water Bottle

You should always carry a water bottle with you. We all know we can’t live without water. So buy the best one your can get and not plastic ones try aluminum ones. So you can use it to boil water as well. Nowadays you can get a all in one water bottle where you have secret compartments, water filter system with waterproof tanks and box for storing cigarette matches.

Fire Starter Kit:

Fire Starter

Fire is your best friend in survival situations. Get a fire starter kit and put it in a Ziploc bag. You can also get waterproof matches now, so it’s a big plus point. Fire keeps the hungry animal far from you.

Signaling Equipment:


When you are inside a forest or lost your way to society signaling equipment will help you get back to the route. You can send an SOS message for rescue. Send flash from your signaling device which a lot of helicopters can see in the night or a car passing by. You can also do a Morse code signaling message.

First Aid Kit:


In case of emergencies and disasters, a first aid kit is what can save your life. It includes an amazingly small pouch; lightweight mini kit includes bandages, sting relief pads, gauze, CPR Kit and more. In surviving situation even a small cut can cause big damage. Make sure to buy a waterproof one from the market.



Having a multi-tool kit is a blessing. When you have to spend an unplanned night or more outdoors along with managing minor to moderate injury, it can be of a lot of use.

Sleeping Gear:


A very important one. I highly recommend a bedroll. They are small and compact.