Top 5 Recommended Emergency Supplies

Accidents and catastrophes happen all the time resulting in serious injury and wanton loss of life. The smart thing to do is to be prepared for disaster beforehand – and there is no better way of disaster preparedness than having some emergency supplies on the ready. The following are the top 5 recommended emergency supplies:…

Disaster Food Supply

Best Tips on How I was Able To Build My Families Disaster Food Supply

Grandparents and survivalists measure their wealth differently compared to the Gameboy generation when it comes to a disaster food supply. If you are one of the people who is highly concerned about the emergency preparation, a huge disaster food supply is a great wealth. For instance, imagine a hurricane, earthquake, or flood that may disrupt the…

Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Foods

There are two types of people out there – the ones who are sure that nothing will ever happen to them (in terms of disasters and other emergency situations) and the ones who get prepared for even the worst scenarios. It is great to have a positive mind flow, but if a disaster really does…

Survival Kit List

What Should Be On Your Survival Kit List

In a wilderness situation you need your survival kit list to be as good as it can be. Having the must need things will make your life so much easier in such situation. The survival kits won’t make you comfortable but it will keep you alive. Survival meaning being alive no matter what the situation….